Nov 9, 2016

Taxi colours in Greece vary depending on the city. In Athens all taxis are bright yellow. There are almost 15.000 taxis in Athens that can transfer you wherever your destination is (most of the times even outside Attica).

All taxis have a “TAXI” sign on top that -when illuminated- indicates that the vehicle is available. However, it is a common practice that even if there is another passenger in the taxi, the driver might stop to pick up also other people if their destination is on his way. Of course this is not legal and although annoying for some people, it is usually convenient both for the driver and the passengers.

Comparing to other European capital cities, taxis in Athens are relatively cheap. Considering that the metro covers only a small part of the city and buses and the tram usually doesn’t provide a convenient way of transportation, taxis are often the best solution.

What is great about taxis in Athens, apart the low cost, is that it’s very easy to get one. You can either call a taxi company and have the taxi at your door within a few minutes, or you can go on the closest high street and you’ll see dozens of them passing by. All you have to do is raise your hand and wait for a taxi to stop. Sometimes you have to shout your destination to the driver and if it’s on his way he will stop to pick you up.

Of course, the coolest way is to book your taxi online and get a fixed price for your destination, thus avoiding the hassle of the street and the risk to get overcharged.

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