Nov 22, 2016

1. Try to avoid finding a taxi in Athens during rush hours or when the weather is bad. It will be very difficult and can result in an annoying experience. In these cases always prefer to book a taxi either by phone or online.

2. When getting a taxi from Athens Airport (El.Venizelos) the driver has the right to charge extra for airport pickup, for the equivalent price for the tolls from Airport to Athens and also for extra luggage. Again, if you hire a taxi from Athens Taxi Quality you pay a fixed price and don’t have to worry about extra charges.

3. It is a good practice to always write down the number of the taxi or the name of the driver in case you lose some of your personal belongings.

4. If you are planning to use a taxi for a big distance trip (such as to/from Athens Airport) make a research first. You can check our price list for the main routes in Athens:

5. All taxis in Greece are no smoking. Please respect the other passengers and the driver.

6. Disabled people and pregnant women always have priority over other passengers even if they are at the end of the queue.

7. Never forget: We Athens Taxi drivers are nice guys doing a difficult job. Please be polite and friendly, that is the best away to make friends in Greece!

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